Gracie Fields Iconancastic Fish And Chip Sample Box



A project to play clips of Gracie fields music and various sounds from rochdale at the push of a button.

This project uses a raspberrypi,python programming language and various simple electronic components to acheive the proects goal of playing sound files at the press of a button.
12/09/16 Today i finished the wiring of four additional buttons to make total of nine. I also added leds to each button and changed the value of the pull up resistors to ensure the correct current through each led. A photo of the finished prototype can be found in the repositity with the filename "20160912_135528.jpg"

There are nine buttons in total. The button at the top of the board denoted by a green led stops playback. All other buttons are assigned to different mp3 files that play when the button is pressed also causing the led to go ouFuture of the project

The prototype will be hard wired on a circuit board and placed inside a project box.