March 2017


Rochdale Heritage Hackers Loved Having A Good Hack At Rochdale Digital Festival

Well we're all back at the Ministry Of Makery today after a great day at Rochdale Digital Festival on Saturday.  It was great to work with so many enthusiastic families.  There was loads of excellent family learning.

It was also cool to showcase some of our cool projects.

Congratulations!  You made it to Touchstones and you have completed your first task! Speak to Robyn from the reception desk and she will give you your clue to help you find the next code.... good luck!

You made it to the Power Loom, well done indeed.Now, to move on to the next stage, you need to find the head of Gracie Fields...

Gracie tells you to look for a Town Hall that would float on water.  And while you're there, check what time it is...

Congratulations, you found the Cork Town Hall's clock tower.Now.  Find the dress that you would wear if you were going to a fancy party in the 1970's...

Now you're here, you have a task to complete before Helen gives you the clue to the next code verbally.Imagine you're at a party in the 1970s, wearing this dress.What dance would you do to impress your friends? Dance your dance and Helen will give you the next clue!

You've made it upstairs:  congratulations!What do you think of this sculpture? I love it.Right, now it's time for you to enter the mysterious world behind the curtain.  In there you'll find Lady with Hoop.  You must be very polite to her.  Ask her about the next clue. 

Thank you for being so polite to Lady with Hoop.She says the next clue is to be found somewhere on this floor. They don't move but maybe they should be flying... 

Well done, you have completed the Art Codes Trail in Touchstones.Now it's time to celebrate:  Back to the front desk for awards!