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Heritage Hackers

Heritage Hackers is a collective of people, components, waste, and ideas. Sometimes We Need To Break It To Fix It!

Changing The World A Little Bit At A Time

Rochdale is our inspiration.  Here we can all grow, without the burden of expectation....

There's enough stuff!

Re-use, purpose, think, live, exist........

Remakery, Shapery, Thinkery and Tinkery

Project based learning, open to anyone who wants to come along and share knowledge, broken stuff, and plans for a better future.

Share The Reciprocity

Social knowledge sharing, fixing, making, learning, and most importantly, community.

Come Along And Help Fix The World...

We dabble in all sorts of realities: from augmented, virtual, and real life reality......  We use science, technology, and nature to make better versions of ourselves.....

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds Eaten Per Hour
Dreams Per Minute
Finished Projects

Project Done

It's about the knowledge acquired on the journey as much as the destination or result... Fail Fast, Fail Often, Fail Better!!!!

Say It As It Is Sid!

By:Sid Calderbass - The Cyborg Roving Rochdale Luminary

She's the girl who made the springy thingy

By:Gracie Fields Sample Box

It the World Jim, but not as we know it!

By:We Augment and Virtualize Reality

Prototype a better future, then live it!

By:Wires, Devices and Code

Learn How It All Works, And Share Open Practices.

By:We Learn To Hack, To Make Things Better, Not Worse!

Some Of Our Not So Anonymous Hackers.....

Where we start is irrelevant.  It's where we're trying to get to that really matters.




I am what I am, and what I am needs no excuses!

I Am Ze

Raul Duke

Forehacker Extraordinaire
Obsidian Noodle

Tkacz Ahacker

Stress Tester

Fail Fast, Fail Often, Fail Better!